In 1947 shortly after the war, Al and Jewel Bidstrup started a small electrical contracting company named Jewel Electric. The original name was planned to be Gem State Electric but when they went to register it, the name was already taken in Idaho. The fact that Jewel was Al’s wife’s name was more coincidental. They started out of a small shop in their back yard on 9th Street and eventually moved to a space on the corner of Whittier and Holmes where they built a block building. That building was expanded with a second story as the business grew.

Contracting and motor rewinding were mainstays of the business. In about 1975 Al sold the business to two of his sons, Lyn and Chris. Al died of a heart attack in 1976 shortly after retiring. Lyn and Chris moved the business from the old Whittier location to Northgate Mile in 1977. With the move the business focused more on selling electrical parts, and providing repairs in homes and businesses. The motor repair shop was shut down. Heating and later air conditioning were added and started to become a bigger part of the business.

Evolution of the Logo


In the early 1990’s the name was changed to Jewel Inc. since they now did much more than electric.


In 2006 the logo was changed and updated to a more modern style, with a company spokesperson being created. That image is now commonly seen on the trucks and in advertising around the community.

In 1998 Lyn’s son Bob purchased the business. Lyn retired, and Chris went on to other ventures. Plumbing services were added and the company focused on providing electrical, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing service and repairs to South East Idaho.

Bob, Lyn, and Chris 1997 50th Anniversary

In 2007 a new building was built on Hollipark Drive that made them much more efficient and gave them room to grow. The new building did not include a sales counter, and they quit selling parts directly to the public. The business has continued to grow and has added services like air duct cleaning, and drain cleaning and drain restoration.

History-First-Call-Jewel8In 2013 they purchased a local water treatment company, “Pure Water Plus” and its former owner Bruce Ottley became part of the team. With that purchase, they now have more expertise and experience with water treatment and water quality. The company is still locally owned by the Bidstrups, and Bob is currently the President and General Manager. You can always learn more about us by giving us a call.