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No one enjoys sitting in sweltering heat on a hot summer day without a smoothly running air conditioner to blast a welcome chill through the house. AC systems are essential to keep your family cool and comfortable during even the hottest, most humid climates. If your AC has completely broken down or is just beginning to experience some troubles, our highly trained HVAC techs are ready to give you the most effective and accurate resolution to your problems. When you seek out our company for quality AC repair in Idaho Falls, you’ll even get a completely free initial consultation!

Here at First Call Jewel, you can be sure that our air conditioning services will leave you with immense satisfaction because our team is so committed to excellence and expertise. Our family-owned and operated team has been helping local residents keep cool since 1947, and in our three generations of service, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence. We are absolutely confident that the quality of our repairs will exceed your expectations.

Call us today at 208-328-4636 or contact us online for help with all of your air conditioning needs. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for AC repair in Idaho Falls and beyond!

What are Common Signs Your AC Needs to be Replaced?

There are multiple kinds of issues that could cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction or even break down, whether internally or externally. Some of these problems require a simple cleaning, whereas others may require certain parts or even the entire unit to be replaced. Whatever the situation, you can count on our Idaho Falls air conditioning technicians to take care of it.

Common signs your AC needs to be replaced include:

  • Your AC is more than 10 or 15 years old. If your air conditioner is around this age and is no longer reliable, you should seriously consider replacing it. This is about the average lifespan for a cooling system.
  • Your AC still uses Freon. Freon is no longer being produced in the United States due to concerns with the ozone-depleting chemicals it contains. If your AC still uses this refrigerant and you ever need more, it may be difficult to get a refill. If you can't, AC replacement will be your only option.
  • Your AC breaks down frequently. If you're maintaining your air conditioner regularly and you're still experiencing breakdowns, AC replacement is probably more economical choice instead of throwing any more money at repairs.
  • Your energy bills have skyrocketed. If you're paying a ton every month, but your home still doesn't feel cool enough, that's a pretty good indication that your AC is no longer efficient and will keep costing you more money for less comfort.
  • The cost of repairs is at least half the cost of a new unit. Once repair costs hit this point, odds are you either have an extremely old or seriously broken air conditioner. Upgrading to a new unit will both help protect you from repairs for the near future and cut your energy bills.

AC Airflow Issues

For your AC to work, you need a regular and reliable amount of air to flow over the unit’s evaporator coil. When the flow of air becomes blocked, the coil's temperature drops too low, and the ice produced only further restricts the air. This then incapacitates the unit from cooling because there isn't enough airflow. Such blockages may be created by air filters that have not been cleaned, incorrectly sized ducts, or fan speed issues.

What is the Most Common Source of Refrigerant Leaks?

Technically, air conditioning units should never experience a lack of refrigerant, since installing a new system should not leave any leaks. However, tiny cracks might appear on account of corrosion due to age or the moist environment surrounding the unit. When this occurs, refrigerant can leak over time, which would then create ice in the evaporator, once again blocking airflow. Our Idaho Falls AC repair technicians can find these minuscule leaks, repair them, and make sure that your refrigerant is replaced.

Types of AC Electrical Issues

Your AC system is primarily an electrical one, not counting the refrigeration. This means that many of the issues you might experience arise from electrical problems. At First Call Jewel, our team includes not only licensed HVAC technicians, but fully qualified electricians who work with our air conditioning team to address these problems safely and effectively.

Some of the Most Common Issues You May Experience Include:

  • Voltage Issues – If your unit cannot receive an electrical signal from the thermostat, the external portion cannot turn on at all. This problem will also occur when you do not have the right amount of voltage.
  • Capacitor Issues – When your capacitor does not have enough amperage, you will not be able to start your compressor.
  • Contactor Issues – This device is crucial to actually transport the voltage once you are ready to start cooling your home. However, if the contactor gets overworked, it can become "pitted," which will make your system stop working and dramatically cut your compressor's life expanse.

Professional AC System Installation

At First Call Jewel, our technicians opt to make repairs wherever it is possible and cost-effective to do so. However, if your old air conditioner is going to cost you more than half of what it would cost to replace it, we'll recommend new AC installation. Rest assured that you'll never be pressed to buy something you don't really need; our goal is simply to bring you the cooling option that will give you the most bang for your buck. There are many energy-efficient models on the market today that can help you save money on your energy bills and provide you with more reliable cooling, and we can help you pick the right one for your needs, budget, and the size of your home. Financing is available for your convenience.

    Contact us today to schedule your appointment for AC repair or installation in Idaho Falls. First Call Jewel offers free consultations and same-day service!

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