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Types of water heaters

Standard water heaters

Standard water heaters typically heat water with a gas burner or electric heating elements. The insulated tank is filled with water which is heated to the desired temperature and re-heated when it cools to ensure that hot water is available when desired. When the hot water is used the tank refills and is again kept hot.

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are the absolute best water heaters you can get. The tankless design heats water as it passes through the system without holding it a tank where it would normally be allowed to cool and provides “endless” hot water.

The Navien tankless water heater runs at 98% efficiency. It is the most efficient water heater you can buy. With a built in pump and buffer tank, this water heater is always ready to provide you with quick, efficient, and long lasting hot water.
The recirculation mode allows you to have nearly instant hot water at your fixtures. With the ability to be vented using normal 3” PVC pipe, it can be installed in almost all situations. Its space saving design gives it even more flexibility. In situations where a great amount of hot water is needed, multiple units can be installed to work in perfect harmony. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR NEXT WATER HEATER!!


Remember that without proper safety features, your water heater can become a deadly rocket. Check out the video below to see the potential power stored inside a water heater when all the safety features fail.