What’s a water main line?

A water main line is the pipe that carries water from the city pipes in the street to your house. These pipes are typically installed underground, running from the city pipe in the street to your home’s plumbing system. After years of use, these pipes begin to deteriorate, fill with tree roots, or even leak. With these pipes playing such an important role in assuring that your house has water, when this begins to happen it is extremely important that it gets taken care of.

What’s a sewer main line?

The sewer main line is the pipe that runs the sewage from your house out to the city main line. This pipe also detoriates as time goes on and can become filled with tree roots (see image below). When the sewer main line gets backed up, all of the water that generally goes down the drain ends up in the basement. This can cause huge messes!

While great at helping trees grow, tree roots can break through sewer main lines, backing them up and often filling the basement with sewage.

What options are there?

When your water main starts to leak, it needs to be replaced. TheBecause this pipe generally runs under your lawn, when most companies replace water main lines they dig a trench the length of your yard to remove the old pipe and replace it with a new one. We have a special technology that allows us to avoid digging such a big hole and destroying so much of your lawn.


How does this technology work?

To avoid tearing up your lawn completely, we use a type of puller that only requires 2 small holes to be dug, one by the street, and the other by the house. The puller then pulls the pipe underground between the two holes, resulting in tons of space on the lawn where the lawn is never touched! This saves you, the homeowner, more money and time in the long run.

Recently we replaced a water main in a house where the customer’s next door neighbor was having the same job done at but with a different company. We were using our technology that allows us to avoid digging a huge trench, and the other company was doing it the old fashioned way. See the difference in the pictures below.

Using pipe puller technology:                                              Without Pipe Puller Technology