Idaho Falls is known for its very cold winters, with temperatures often dropping well under freezing. If that were not enough, sharp winds and ice and snow piling up can really make you crave the comfort of a warm and safe home.

First Call Jewel is here to make sure that your home remains warm and cozy by taking care of all your heating needs. As the premier Idaho Falls HVAC service provider in the area, we have built a strong relationship with the community by keeping heating systems throughout the area working at peak efficiency for over half a century.

Our friendly and experienced technicians are trained to deal with issues on gas, electric, and oil furnaces, as well as regular and ductless heat pumps. We can also help with any issues plaguing your boiler or electric wall heaters. We stand behind our work and provide the strongest warranty in the area.

Furnace Tune-Ups

With temperatures dropping as low as they do during long Idaho Falls winters, one of the worst things that can happen is for your furnace malfunction. To help avoid this, First Call Jewel can perform annual furnace tune-ups. Not only do tune-ups make sure that you see fewer malfunctions with your furnace, they will also extend its life span.

Furnaces are not the only heating equipment that requires tune-ups and maintenance. Whether you are heating your home using a Fireplace insert, Ductless Mini split, or Heat Pump, you should give us a call, and let us help you keep your family safe and warm throughout the entire winter.

If you are looking for a highly professional heating service provider in Idaho Falls to solve any of your heating issues quickly and efficiently, First Call Jewel now at 208 522 7777 or visit us at