With experienced technicians trained to work with the majority of AC brands, First Call Jewel is the company to call for all your air conditioning needs. We can repair broken equipment, secure a longer life for your AC through proper maintenance or install a new or replacement system. If your house needs new or additional duct work, call us, we will be able to help with that too!

Our services are available in the entire region, so if you have air conditioning woes in Lincoln, Orvin, or Swan Valley, we have you covered. Our friendly professionals will always provide you with top notch service and will work tirelessly until the job is complete.

Ductless Heat Pumps

If you cool your house through an old window air conditioner, swamp cooler, or box fan, there is away to radically increase your home comfort level,while at the same time saving some money on your energy bill.

First Call Jewel can help you install ductless heat pumps,which are the perfect way to reduce the temperature of your entire home or even cool down that one room that has been giving you issues. They are quiet, reliable, and provide more comfortable air than any of the other pumps available today.


Air Conditioner systems have the uncanny ability to break down when they are needed the most,usually in the middle of a summer heat wave. To help avoid that, we can provide you with regular maintenance of your AC. This will ensure that your system is always working properly and for longer.

Among the items covered in our Air Conditioning checkups is monitoring and adjusting the thermostat anticipator settings, examining the duct system for air flow, and checking the defrost control system.

To find out more about ductless heat pumps or to solve an air conditioning emergency in Idaho Falls, First Call Jewel now at 208 522 7777 or visit us at FirstCallJewel.com.