You’ve probably heard something about how power outages can be devastating to your family. And if they last a long time, you don’t want your home to be stuck without power. There’s an amazing way to prevent this from being an issue, and that’s by having a backup generator installed in your home.

Have you ever heard of a backup generator? Have you heard how they can provide almost unlimited power to your home during an outage starting 30 seconds after the outage happens? Well, all of this is true, and if you like what the sound of it, we encourage you to visit this page on our site for more specific information.

Here’s a little video that shows how an actual newly installed backup generator in action during a simulated power outage.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Clint from First Call Jewel again. I just got done installing this little 11 kilowatt generator today. We’re going to show you guys how it works on the inside.

So here’s our transfer switch, it ties in the main panel up there. We relocated the circuits down to it. So what happens is we lose power and lights go off. Generator fires up outside, comes up to speed. As soon as it gets up to speed, it will transfer over. Lights come on! Life is good! We’ve got power back on.

Then utility power comes back on, it waits a few seconds to make sure it’s actually back on. Then it transfers back over to utility power. Then we’re back on to utility power. The generator outside will just run until it stops. It wants to make sure its cooled itself off, then it shuts itself off.