Do you have ceiling cable heat or baseboard heaters? Do you have a room in your home that is consistently cooler or warmer then the rest of your home? If so, a ductless heat pump may be the solution to home comfort you’ve been looking for!

A ductless heat pump consists of two units. The indoor unit hangs on the wall inside your home, and the outdoor unit sits outside your home. The outdoor unit pulls hot or cold air from outside. That air, either hot or cold depending on the season, is then used to heat or cool your home.




Advantages to a Ductless Heat Pump:

  • The indoor unit can operate as quiet as 19dB, softer then a human whisper!
  • Has easy to clean filters (see picture below). Just pull out and vacuum off!mitsubishi ductless filters
  • Provides heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer.
  • Some models can provide heat down to an outside temperature of -13°F! 
  • Puts extremely efficient comfort control in your hands.

hand with remote

  • Most power companies offer tax rebates or incentives:
    • Idaho Falls Power:
      • $750 on qualifying installs!
    • Rocky Mountain Power:
      • $750 on qualifying installs!
    • Idaho Power:
      • $750 on qualifying installs!


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