We  understand that having a service technician in your home is not only frustrating, it is also extremely inconvenient which is why we now have the Jewel Service Club Membership.

  Our goal with this membership is to be so thorough, that we find anything that has failed, or may soon fail so you won’t have to have a service person in your home until we come back for your next visit a year from now! 

Benefits Included are:

  • $18 worth of filters.
  • Free new electrical device (item varies from year to year).
  • Electrical system check.
  • Plumbing system check.
  • Save on utility bill. Do not over pay!
  • Increased life of your equipment (take care of it and it will last longer).
  • We call you, you don’t have to worry about remembering.
  • Minimize frustrating emergencies and hassles of having a service person in your home.
  • Priority service over non Club Members. 

We have found that our customers were able to save both time and money by taking advantage of this wonderful offer, call today 208-522-7777