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Signs that it is time for a plumbing upgrade

Do you need to update your plumbing?
Is the plumbing in your bathroom old? Are faucets and drains not working like the use to?  Here are some signs that you bathroom plumbing could use some updating.
Water Quality
Is your water tinted or have an unnatural color? Does it have an odor? This is a forsure sign that you should update and upgrade the plumbing in your bathroom. Over time parts of your plumbing will corrode and cause odor, tint to your water and could cause other major issues.
Water Volume
When you turn on your faucet, do you have good water pressure? If not, this could be a sign of calcium deposits in your plumbing or faucets. This is not a major issue if you take care of it by replacing your faucet. If left untreated it could cause additional damage and even flooding.
Clogged Drains
Do you have an odor in your drains?  This could be a buildup of soap, hair and other items on the walls of the pipes. If left untreated, like others mentioned it could cause plumbing to fail and even the potential of a flood in your home. We recommend that you inspect your plumbing frequently for blockage and potential issues.

Most of the items mentioned can be handled by most handy homeowners. Always remember if you get into a project that is more complex than you can call handle to call the Professionals at First Call Jewel.



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