Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector will protect your home! Almost every type of electronic in your home contains a circuit board with sensitive electronic parts. These circuit boards can be easily damaged by power surges in your home. Power surges happen all the time, but most of them are small enough that you never notice they even happened. However, over time, these surges, small and large, can slowly destroy the electronics in your home.

The easiest way to prevent this is with a whole house surge protector! A whole house surge protector is installed with the breaker panel to provide complete surge protection to your entire home.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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5 Plumbing tips

Plumbing Tips

If you own a home, then a sink will clog or a water pipe will break eventually. When you enjoy do-it-yourself home repair projects, it is essential to use a variety of safety precautions to avoid a serious injury. Here are some safety precautions that a plumber will use while working inside your home on broken plumbing devices.

Safety Precaution 1: Turn Off a Home’s Water At the Main Valve

When a pipe is broken or a toilet is overflowing, look for your home’s main water valve immediately. By turning off the water, you are protecting your home from the additional damages of moisture, but you are also keeping your home’s electrical wires dry. It is dangerous to have damp appliances in a work area while you are repairing a pipe or dislodging a clog from a toilet.

Safety Precaution 2: Make Sure a Home’s Floors Are Dry

An Idaho Falls plumber recommends mopping the water from a floor before entering a work area. It is easy to slip and fall on the wet tile in a bathroom or kitchen. In addition to drying the floor, wear slip-resistant shoes and have old towels to place on the wet tiles. If there is standing water from a broken pipe, then use a sump pump to remove the moisture.

Safety Precaution 3: Wear Protective Devices

Make sure to wear protective devices while working on broken kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Not only do you need to worry about contamination from filthy sewage, but also, you can experience an injury from flying pieces of metal. Keep goggles and gloves in your home’s toolbox to have the items required when you need to make a repair.

Safety Precaution 4: Use Caution Near Water Heaters and […]

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How to winterize your hose bib

 A hose bib is a on the exterior of your home and has many uses.  It is used most often for connecting garden hoses. Unless a home has a frost-proof hose bib or the home is located in a climate where temperatures do not dip below freezing during the winter, homeowners will need to winterize their hose bibs in the fall and open them up again in the spring. In idaho falls, where temperatures regularly get below freezing, this is a vital plumbing task that most homeowners can handle themselves. If the hose bib is not winterized, freezing temperatures can cause any water left inside the spigot to freeze and expand, causing the pipes to crack. This is a fast task and one that is well worth a homeowner’s time because it can save him or her from hundreds of dollars of damage to the home and the plumbing.

First, homeowners will need to find the shut-off valve inside their homes. This valve is always separate from the valve that controls the rest of the water inside the home. It could be in a utility room or closet, or it may be hidden in a less conspicuous spot, such as a basement or crawl space. Those who have more than one outdoor spigot may have a separate shut-off valve for each one. A plumber will be able to help homeowners locate these valves if they have difficulty finding them.

Second, once the valve is located, it should be turned off. This can often be done with a quick push of the handle if it is controlled with a ball valve. The valve is off when the handle is perpendicular to the water line. Those who have […]

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Plumbing Emergency

A severe plumbing emergency can strike at any time. If you find yourself in the middle of a household disaster that requires the attention of a plumber, feel free to contact First Call Jewel. We are the premier emergency plumbing service that will quickly fix the problem and prevent it from occurring again in the future.

A Plumbing Disaster is Not a Job You Should Handle By Yourself.

While there are definitely some things you can do to make the job easier for the professional that you call on, you should never attempt to fix a household disaster by yourself. A burst pipe or water main is a dangerous situation that should only be addressed by a properly trained and experienced professional.

However, there are a few things that you can do in order to help get your disaster under control so that it can be quickly fixed. Here are some quick tips that you should follow in the midst of an plumbing emergency in order to keep the problem from getting out of hand while you wait for First Call Jewel.

Close the Water Shut-Off Valve

The first thing you need to do is close your water shut-off valve. Doing this will shut off the flow of water that is headed toward your home. The sooner you do this, the quicker you will prevent any further water damage from taking place. If you don’t know where the water shut-off valve is located, a call to a local service, such as First Call Jewel, will quickly fill you in.

Turn on All of the Faucets

The next thing you will need to do is to turn on all of the faucets in your home. This will quickly drain any remaining water […]

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See a Backup Generator in Action!

You’ve probably heard something about how power outages can be devastating to your family. And if they last a long time, you don’t want your home to be stuck without power. There’s an amazing way to prevent this from being an issue, and that’s by having a backup generator installed in your home.

Have you ever heard of a backup generator? Have you heard how they can provide almost unlimited power to your home during an outage starting 30 seconds after the outage happens? Well, all of this is true, and if you like what the sound of it, we encourage you to visit this page on our site for more specific information.

Here’s a little video that shows how an actual newly installed backup generator in action during a simulated power outage.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Clint from First Call Jewel again. I just got done installing this little 11 kilowatt generator today. We’re going to show you guys how it works on the inside.

So here’s our transfer switch, it ties in the main panel up there. We relocated the circuits down to it. So what happens is we lose power and lights go off. Generator fires up outside, comes up to speed. As soon as it gets up to speed, it will transfer over. Lights come on! Life is good! We’ve got power back on.

Then utility power comes back on, it waits a few seconds to make sure it’s actually back on. Then it transfers back over to utility power. Then we’re back on to utility power. The generator outside will just run until it stops. It wants to make sure its cooled itself off, then it shuts itself off.

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Is a furnace tune-up really worth it?

There’s an old saying out there that says something along the lines of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While this may not be 100% true in all cases, we believe that there is some truth to this idea that we can prevent pain and discomfort by preventing bad things from happening before they happen.

For this reason we are happy to offer furnace and air conditioner tune-ups to our customers at an affordable cost. These tune-ups provide the recommended warranty coverage to your furnace or air conditioner so that they will function correctly all season long.

Imagine the potential for pain and frustration when your furnace fails on the coldest night of the year, or worse, on Christmas or New Year’s day. While this won’t happen every year, a regular tune-up will make sure you and your family are comfortable in your home all season long.

Check out this video below for an example of a potential failure point on a furnace:

Video Transcript:

Hi! My name’s Tim. I’m one of First Call Jewel’s HVAC service technicians and today we’re going to change out the ignition component device for this gas furnace. It is reading higher then normal per the manufacture’s specifications. All modern gas furnaces are electronic ignitioned. There are no standing pilots any longer for energy efficiency reasons.

This is our ignition device. It’s out of manufacture’s specifications which is an indicator that it’s nearing its end of life and rather then have an issue during the heating season where it could potentially fail on the coldest night of the year or a holiday, we’re going to go ahead and change that out for the client so they can have a worry free […]

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Should I upgrade my business lighting?

LEDs, or light–emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current is passed through them. LEDs are a type of Solid State Lighting (SSL).
How is LED lighting different than other light sources, such as incandescent and CFL?
LED lighting differs from incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting in several ways. When designed well, LED lighting can be more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting.
LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently. An electrical current passed through semiconductor material illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. The heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink.
Incandescent bulbs produce light using electricity to heat a metal filament until it becomes “white” hot or is said to incandesce. As a result, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat.
In a CFL, an electric current flows between electrodes at each end of a tube containing gases. This reaction produces ultraviolet (UV) light and heat. The UV light is transformed into visible light when it strikes a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb.
LED Basics
The useful life of LED lighting products is defined differently than that of other light sources, such as incandescent or CFL. This is because LEDs typically do not “burn out” or fail. Instead, they experience lumen depreciation, where the amount of light produced decreases and light color appearance can shift over time. Instead of basing the useful life of an LED product on the time it takes for 50% of a large group of lamps to burn out (as is the case with traditional sources), LED product “lifetime” is set based on a prediction of when the light output decreases 30 percent.
LEDs and Heat
Because LED lighting systems […]

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When Should I Call an Electrician?

When Should I Call an Electrician?
Most people do not realize that to a home, the role of an electrical system can only be compared to that of the heart in a human body. Many activities in the house depend on it, from lighting to cooking and entertainment. Again, a misfire in the electrical system would put the home and its occupants to risk of fire and electrical shock. The old ones especially need frequent repairs and upgrades by a qualified technician so that the electrical requirement at your home can be satisfied. The question to answer is what are the symptoms that indicate that I need to call an electrician?

One problem that vividly shows that there is a potential danger posed to your circuit is if your circuit breakers and fuses keep tripping or blowing up. You not only need to repeatedly substitute fuses and reset electrical circuit breakers but the expert Idaho Falls Electricians presents to you should thoroughly inspect your circuit to ensure it does not, at any time, draw more current that the system can safely handle.

If you feel like your electrical arrangement is forcing the electrical system to work more than it should, by having overloaded power points and boards such as when one socket supports your television, radio, DVD, decoder, iron box and phone charger all at once, then the power will have to be distributed. Call Idaho Falls electrician who will create additional circuits and receptacles making your home safer.

It is time and again advised that your electrical wiring should be well laid out but it is not a surprise to find electrical cords running under living room carpets and others loosely in the ceiling. If […]

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How Do Water Softeners Help?

A Water Softener Offers Several Benefits To Homeowners
There are numerous benefits from having a water softener in your home, including:

• Making your hair more manageable

• Preventing scale buildup on your home’s plumbing fixtures

• Leaving your skin feeling softer

• Keeping your clothing looking brighter

• Less sediment residue on dishes and glassware
A Water Softener Replaces Hard Minerals With Soft Minerals
A high-quality water softener is designed for removing heavy sediments such as magnesium or calcium from your home’s tap water. The water softener will replace these chemicals with softer minerals, including potassium and sodium. If you suffer from dry skin, then installing a water softener is essential because the softened water will leave your skin feeling softer.
A Technician Can Perform an Assessment To Choose the Best Water Softener
With a water softener, you can still enjoy the benefits from the fluoride that is in municipal water so that your teeth are stronger and healthier. When you contact a water softener company, the technicians can assess your needs to determine what size unit is required for your home. The size of water softener required for a home depends on the number of individuals who are living in your home along with how much water you use on a daily basis.
Have Cleaner Plumbing Fixtures By Installing a Water Softener
A family with an infant may need more water softened each day in order to wash cloth diapers and other laundry. With a water softener in your home, you can use less laundry detergent and bath soap because these cleansers will lather more in soft water. The plumbing system in your home is expensive to replace, and if you have hard water, then you will have dense mineral debris on the […]

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How to tell when you need a new water heater.

How to tell when you need a new water heater.
Even the most well built water heater will one day reach the end of its natural service life. If you live in an area like Idaho Falls, this can be a serious problem – especially in winter. This is definitely not the season to suffer a serious plumbing issue. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that will give you a good idea of when it’s time to replace an aging water heater.

Ten Years Is a Good Long Life for a Tank Heater

If you rely on a tank heater to keep your Idaho Falls home nice and snug in the winter, it’s a good idea to look into just how long that heater has been there. Ten years is generally a respectable service life for a tank heater. You may not be able to recall exactly when you first purchased your heater. Of course, the heater may already have been installed in your home when you first began living in it.

If you don’t know how old your tank heater actually is, you can find out by checking the serial number label on the unit. This serial number will contain the month and date in which the unit was produced. In some tank heaters, this info may be part of a special alphanumeric code. You can log on to the website of the manufacturer in order to learn how to interpret the code and thus find out the true age of the unit.

The Quality and Quantity of Your Hot Water May Be Compromised

A good indication that your tank heater is giving out comes when the quality or quantity of your hot water is compromised. Your water may […]

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