Is your system ready for winter?

Is your Furnace ready for Winter?
If your heating system isn’t working correctly, maybe you should consider having an HVAC technician from First Call Jewel performing evaluation. How often should you have your furnace service is a common question that many homeowners task.  With a newer furnace, it is recommended to be checked every other year, but once there more than 10 years old it is recommended let you have them checked and serviced annually to prolong the life of the unit.

Here are a few warning signs

How old is your furnace?

The age of your furnace is a good place to start.  The average life expectancy has a furnace in homes ranges between 16 20 years. If your furnace is close to this age you may consider shopping for a replacement furnace before an emergency happens.

 Is your furnace making strange noises?

Old furnaces sometimes make noises as they age. Have you heard any strange noises coming from your furnace?
      2.  Is your thermostat working?
Does your thermostat keep you comfortable?  If not, it could be assigned that your furnace lacks the ability to properly distribute air or heat to keep you comfortable in your home.  Also, General thermostat malfunctions could also be a contributing factor.
       3. Has your gas or electric bill going up?
A higher than average gas or electric bill is not the only reason for a high bill. Although, furnaces often lose their efficiency as they get older especially if they have not been regularly serviced and maintained. An inefficient furnace could cause an in your monthly bills.

Though all these issues might sound pretty basic and simple, we recommend that each issue is analyzed by a certified technician.  We recommend […]

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Tax Credit….YES please!

Did you know that you can receive a tax credit for upgrading your gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner to a qualifying high efficient equipment? If you didn’t, then you do now. Last year on Dec 18 the Federal tax credit that was offered has been extended through December 31, 2016. What does this mean to you? This means, if you upgraded your equipment any time during 2015 to a high efficiency gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner you may quality for a Federal tax credit of up to $500.  

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WI Fi thermostats – Honeywell

There are ways that you can take control of the temperature of your home while you are away. Technology is constantly changing and improving to help make our lives easier and stress free. Here First Call Jewel strive to always on top of new technologies so that we can help to  keep our customers safe, comfortable, happy, and stress free which is why we are excited to announce the use of WI-FI thermostats. We all enjoy saving money while keeping our home comfortable and now it is easier than ever. Wi-Fi thermostats can do a variety of things to keep you in control the temperature (or atmosphere) of your home. With the simple use of an app your thermostat can be controlled from your smart phone, tablet, or computer regardless of your location, regardless if you are in your backyard or half way around the world.

Most Wi-Fi thermostats require a professional to install and set up and because here at First Call Jewel we believe in keeping up with modern technology, all of our technicians are trained, and experienced at installing and program your thermostat. We are also happy to take the time to explain you how to program your thermostat based on your needs to ensure you start saving money right. The best part of this new technological era is the ability to have everything user friendly and are capable to adjust to our needs and function by themselves and the new Wi-Fi thermostats are no different. A smart thermostat system is easily able to detect your heating and cooling needs that it will simply adjust to your behaviors to ensure that your home is the exact temperature when you need it to […]

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Increasing Comfort Through New Technology

I was in a client’s home recently and despite being a very nice home, it had always been uncomfortable as far as temperature goes.  The way the furnace and air conditioner were originally installed was not done like it should have been.  Now, with all the air ducts are covered, it would be a huge mess to try to change it.  She has a home office where she spends 10 hours a day, but that part of the home gets virtually no air.  They were wise and chose a new Trane XM95 modulating gas furnace with a Trane XV18 variable volume air conditioner as well as a Trane XL950 comfort control.

This new furnace and air conditioner will greatly improve their comfort in their home.  To address the home office area, we proposed a Mitsubishi FE12 Ductless Heat Pump.  This will allow her to heat and cool that space as she wants, making it very comfortable and much safer and more energy efficient than the plug in space heater she has been using.  These product are the future of heating and air conditioning and are available here today!

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The Future of Air Conditioning

General Manager Bob Bidstrup’s thoughts on the Future of Air Conditioning:

The future of heating and air conditioning is here! New Variable speed heat pumps and air conditioners from Trane are the most comfortable and quiet available. The old way of running an air conditioner was turning the motor all the way on or all the way off. It used a huge amount of electricity to get the motor turning. The new way is it comes on at a slow speed then adjusts to just the right speed to heat or cool your home. Imagine how much less wear and tear there is to the equipment with a soft start, and a longer run cycle. This maintains the temperature in your home perfectly without over heating or over cooling. You enjoy the temperature just the way you want it.
Besides better comfort, you will enjoy the lack of noise! These units are so quiet, that sometimes you have to get right up next to it to even know it is running.

The Trane XL950 comfort control is like having a tablet device on your wall constantly communicating with the heating and cooling equipment making the many tiny adjustments to keep you comfortable. It can also show you the weather forecast, the history of runtime for the equipment, and what percentage of capacity the unit is running at right now. From your smartphone or tablet you can adjust the temperature and see what is happening in your home from anywhere in the world.

I have a Trane XV20i variable volume heat pump with a Trane XM95 modulating natural gas furnace. I am amazed at how quiet and comfortable these units are. No more noisy, power consuming hard starts, just […]

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Changing Furnace Filters

One of the best things a homeowner can do to help their furnace last longer is to keep the air filter clean.  In most homes the filter needs to be changed monthly during the winter months of heavy usage.  A plugged or dirty filter keeps the furnace from breathing and moving enough air.  This then causes it to overheat, which uses more energy, and causes the equipment to fail prematurely.  If you choose to use 1” pleated filters like you can get in the big box stores, be aware that while they are great filters (maybe too good) they tend to restrict the air even when they are new and clean.  As they “load up” (get dirty) it makes the problem even worse.  They will need to be checked even more frequently.

You can now buy filters from us online at www.firstcalljewel.com/shop


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