15 08, 2017

Is your system ready for winter?

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Is your Furnace ready for Winter?
If your heating system isn’t working correctly, maybe you should consider having an HVAC technician from First Call Jewel performing evaluation. How often should you have your furnace service is a common question that many homeowners task.  With a newer furnace, it is recommended to be checked every other year, but once there more than 10 years old it is recommended let you have them checked and serviced annually to prolong the life of the unit.

Here are a few warning signs

How old is your furnace?

The age of your furnace is a good place to start.  The average life expectancy has a furnace in homes ranges between 16 20 years. If your furnace is close to this age you may consider shopping for a replacement furnace before an emergency happens.

 Is your furnace making strange noises?

Old furnaces sometimes make noises as they age. Have you heard any strange noises coming from your furnace?
      2.  Is your thermostat working?
Does your thermostat keep you comfortable?  If not, it could be assigned that your furnace lacks the ability to properly distribute air or heat to keep you comfortable in your home.  Also, General thermostat malfunctions could also be a contributing factor.
       3. Has your gas or electric bill going up?
A higher than average gas or electric bill is not the only reason for a high bill. Although, furnaces often lose their efficiency as they get older especially if they have not been regularly serviced and maintained. An inefficient furnace could cause an in your monthly bills.

Though all these issues might sound pretty basic and simple, we recommend that each issue is analyzed by a certified technician.  We recommend […]

10 08, 2017

When Should I Call an Electrician?

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When Should I Call an Electrician?
Most people do not realize that to a home, the role of an electrical system can only be compared to that of the heart in a human body. Many activities in the house depend on it, from lighting to cooking and entertainment. Again, a misfire in the electrical system would put the home and its occupants to risk of fire and electrical shock. The old ones especially need frequent repairs and upgrades by a qualified technician so that the electrical requirement at your home can be satisfied. The question to answer is what are the symptoms that indicate that I need to call an electrician?

One problem that vividly shows that there is a potential danger posed to your circuit is if your circuit breakers and fuses keep tripping or blowing up. You not only need to repeatedly substitute fuses and reset electrical circuit breakers but the expert Idaho Falls Electricians presents to you should thoroughly inspect your circuit to ensure it does not, at any time, draw more current that the system can safely handle.

If you feel like your electrical arrangement is forcing the electrical system to work more than it should, by having overloaded power points and boards such as when one socket supports your television, radio, DVD, decoder, iron box and phone charger all at once, then the power will have to be distributed. Call Idaho Falls electrician who will create additional circuits and receptacles making your home safer.

It is time and again advised that your electrical wiring should be well laid out but it is not a surprise to find electrical cords running under living room carpets and others loosely in the ceiling. If […]

21 07, 2017

How Do Water Softeners Help?

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A Water Softener Offers Several Benefits To Homeowners
There are numerous benefits from having a water softener in your home, including:

• Making your hair more manageable

• Preventing scale buildup on your home’s plumbing fixtures

• Leaving your skin feeling softer

• Keeping your clothing looking brighter

• Less sediment residue on dishes and glassware
A Water Softener Replaces Hard Minerals With Soft Minerals
A high-quality water softener is designed for removing heavy sediments such as magnesium or calcium from your home’s tap water. The water softener will replace these chemicals with softer minerals, including potassium and sodium. If you suffer from dry skin, then installing a water softener is essential because the softened water will leave your skin feeling softer.
A Technician Can Perform an Assessment To Choose the Best Water Softener
With a water softener, you can still enjoy the benefits from the fluoride that is in municipal water so that your teeth are stronger and healthier. When you contact a water softener company, the technicians can assess your needs to determine what size unit is required for your home. The size of water softener required for a home depends on the number of individuals who are living in your home along with how much water you use on a daily basis.
Have Cleaner Plumbing Fixtures By Installing a Water Softener
A family with an infant may need more water softened each day in order to wash cloth diapers and other laundry. With a water softener in your home, you can use less laundry detergent and bath soap because these cleansers will lather more in soft water. The plumbing system in your home is expensive to replace, and if you have hard water, then you will have dense mineral debris on the […]

23 06, 2017

Five Plumbing Tips

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Plumbing in Pocatello, East Idaho, or Even Idaho Falls

If you seek quality plumbing services in Pocatello or anywhere nearby, such as in East Idaho and going as far as Idaho Falls itself, then you’re in luck. We may have what you need. If you find that your job is too much work, then call the experts at First Call Jewel. Homeowners, we are here for you. Let us at least offer you five tips if you’re a new homeowner seeking plumbing advice; take our word for it as we have been in the business for quite a while.

1. Find the main water valve first.
Believe us. This should most likely be your first step every time. If you do this as soon as you move in, you can save yourself plenty of heartaches and headaches along the way. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way: when it’s already too late and you need flood assistance.

2. Fix every leak while you still can.

This repair goes a long way when done properly, not to mention that it follows suite with the last major tip. These two go hand-in-hand, do they not? Why is it important to find and fix those leaks asap? Well, untreated leaks eventually become mold and drain your wallet in the long run. The sooner you can catch and correct these issues, the better you’ll sleep: Water damage costs, after all, are not cheap.

3. Avoid drain cleaners.

Don’t follow Draino and other similarly advertised methods, which are not always effective but only get your advertisement attention, your money and word of mouth. Instead, go with something like a DIY solution of baking soda and vinegar or even Pepsi. You’ll also save more money this way. […]

21 06, 2017

When should you call a repairman for your AC?

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Idaho Falls Air Conditioning Repair
There are various DIY solutions that one can use to repair the common air conditioning malfunction for the general handyman and it could save you some money. Below are some tips of what you could troubleshoot before you call.

How to tell when you need to call a technician
The air conditioning unit may fail during a heat spell, and this may result to the air conditioning not working properly. This situation may require you to call a technician for repair. If you are well conversant with electricity and you can actually work well around it, then you can repair it your own and ended up saving some money and time. If that is the case, you will need an assortment of screwdrivers, a socket set, a multimeter and a voltage sniffer. Idaho Falls Air Conditioning Repair in East Idaho will help you with all the repairs that you need.

If you are receiving little or no cold air at all, it is advisable for you to check the registers found in the house. The registers ought to be wide open. Clean the condenser coils. Clogged condenser coils will, in turn, make the compressor to overheat and eventually shut down. If that is the case, you will receive an irregular flow of negligible cooling and subsequently no cooling at all. Clean the condenser coils now and then to avert this issue from arising. If the A/C does not work properly even after cleaning the condenser coils, you are advised to put another filter in place.

Degraded capacitors will also call for repair of your air conditioner. Capacitors wear our gradually and will result to less power starter up. The main work of the capacitors […]

23 05, 2017

How to tell when you need a new water heater.

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How to tell when you need a new water heater.
Even the most well built water heater will one day reach the end of its natural service life. If you live in an area like Idaho Falls, this can be a serious problem – especially in winter. This is definitely not the season to suffer a serious plumbing issue. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that will give you a good idea of when it’s time to replace an aging water heater.

Ten Years Is a Good Long Life for a Tank Heater

If you rely on a tank heater to keep your Idaho Falls home nice and snug in the winter, it’s a good idea to look into just how long that heater has been there. Ten years is generally a respectable service life for a tank heater. You may not be able to recall exactly when you first purchased your heater. Of course, the heater may already have been installed in your home when you first began living in it.

If you don’t know how old your tank heater actually is, you can find out by checking the serial number label on the unit. This serial number will contain the month and date in which the unit was produced. In some tank heaters, this info may be part of a special alphanumeric code. You can log on to the website of the manufacturer in order to learn how to interpret the code and thus find out the true age of the unit.

The Quality and Quantity of Your Hot Water May Be Compromised

A good indication that your tank heater is giving out comes when the quality or quantity of your hot water is compromised. Your water may […]

15 05, 2017

3 Things to do in Southeast Idaho This Summer

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It’s May! That means that the dreary weather that has been habitually apart of Southeast Idaho is soon to draw to a close, and the weather is going to start warming up. Remembering to get your air conditioner tuned up, or even an air conditioner installed can be a crucial part of staying cool this summer. With the rising spring temperatures, we also know that you are aching to get outside. Living in such a beautiful area means there are three pretty great activities in Southeastern Idaho to keep your family busy all summer long.


Head to the zoos! – There are two zoos located in southeast Idaho and both have a lot to offer to the local area. The Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park exhibits animals from far away lands. From camels to penguins to lions to bears, you can find it all. While strolling around, you may be greeted by the peacocks that roam the zoo freely. You can easily take a lunch and relax in the shade of a tree and enjoy spending time with your family.

The Pocatello Zoo, now known as Zoo Idaho, offers visitors a more local approach to animals. Featuring animals that are native to the intermountain west, it strives to educate about the animals that are naturally around us. Zoo Idaho tries to make the animals habitats as natural as possible as well so that the animals feel comfortable in their enclosures. And to help you stay cool, there is even an Ice Cream Safari in August that you won’t want to miss. You’ll want to mark this down as a zoo to go too

Visit Lava Hot Springs – This place is a blast for […]

26 05, 2016

Carbon Monoxide The Silent Killer part 3

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What is your Carbon Monoxide Detector Saying?
Most of us know and understand the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. You know – that odorless, colorless gas that will kill you at high levels after a significant amount of time. However, what you may not know is that CO poisoning can slowly poison your body with low doses over a large period of time. While the exposure may not be deadly, it can cause other serious health problems such as depression, chronic fatigue, fainting spells, blurred vision, and body weakness. Even with all this knowledge, many of us do not understand what our carbon monoxide detector is telling us, and even if we do understand, we don’t really have a plan for what to do when the detector goes off.
After working in the HVAC industry for over 2 years (no – I am not a technician), I have learned of the dangers of carbon monoxide and how common CO leaks put our homes and families in danger. About 2 years ago I purchased an awesome CO detector: the top of the line. I went home and installed the backup battery, plugged it in, forgot about it shortly thereafter. This last spring my forgotten CO detector started beeping at me and displayed a slew of numbers. Imagine a slightly annoying “chirping” sound, much different from the horrifying sound your smoke alarm makes after burning a bag of popcorn in the microwave. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what it was and I wasn’t too concerned because it only happened when I ran my gas dryer. In my mind, I believed that a CO leak would warrant a bigger reaction from my detector and that I probably just […]

16 02, 2016

Carbon Monoxide #Silentkiller part 2

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Carbon monoxide, as you know, is the gas that is produced from the incomplete burning of different fuels. Those fuels range from, the gas that your range, fireplace, and furnace use. To the gas that is used to fuel your car, all of those items produce carbon monoxide that can and will kill you if not handled with care and/or used properly or with proper venting. Carbon Monoxide proves fatal when it is released into an enclosed area that has little to no ventilation. When you breathe in carbon monoxide it  binds to the part in your red blood that is responsible for getting oxygen to your cells because CO will bind over oxygen less and less oxygen is carried to your cells which causes the cells to die causing the tissues in your body to die and organs to shut down causing death.

As scary as CO poising sounds, and is, it is easily prevented from harming you, your family and pets by taking certain precautions.

Install CO detectors and place them close to where you can hear the alarm if it goes off, preferably ones that have a battery back-up and replace the batteries every six months.
Get your heating system, water heater and any appliances that use gas, oil or coal services by a professional technician each year.
Get your chimney cleaned each year.
Never patch any vent pipe with anything other than the materials meant for patching vents.
Only use a gas range or oven for cooking and never for heating.
NEVER burn charcoal indoors.
Portable gas stoves should only be used outdoors.
Make sure to operate gasoline-powered tools, engines, generators, etc. in a well ventilated area and never use for […]

9 02, 2016

Carbon Monoxide #silentkiller

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Carbon Monoxide #Silentkiller


Carbon Monoxide poisoning has recently gained notoriety lately, it seems like every day we are hearing of another tragedy involving and Carbon Monoxide. What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that when breathed in by humans and animal can cause serious injury and death. Carbon monoxide is found almost everywhere, from our cars and trucks, to generators, small engines, furnaces, appliances and grills and gas fireplaces caused by the incomplete burning of the fuels that they use. Wood and charcoal also produce carbon monoxide and should only be used in well vented areas.

There are many symptoms of CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning:

Upset stomach
Shortness of breath

As the levels of CO poisoning increases the symptoms progress and worsen, such as:

Mental confusion
Loss of muscle use and strength
Loss of conscience
Leading to death

Because CO poising can mimic flu symptoms it can be hard to initially diagnose CO poisoning exposing them to further poisoning and has been known to cause death. While others may not experience the initial symptoms of Co poisoning that they become so confused they are unable to seek help and die, which is why carbon monoxide has been branded the “Invisible Killer.”

Carbon Monoxide is very serious and isn’t anything that should be taken lightly, however, there are ways that you can keep your family and home safe from carbon monoxide and that is to buy and install a carbon monoxide detector in your home as well as practice safety when using things that produce carbon monoxide.