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What happens when the power goes out in your home? Do all the lights go out? How will the food in your refrigerator stay cold? How will your furnace or AC keep your home warm or cool? This can only happen with some sort of back up power supply. A Generac automatic backup generator from First Call Jewel can provide the power needed to run your home as if the power was on!

Generac Generator

How does a backup generator work?

Once installed in your home by a professional electrician, the backup generator works as followed:

  1. Utility power goes out
    • This can be caused by a storm, equipment failure, or even a squirrel.
  2. The transfer switch senses that the utility power has gone out.
    • This happens automatically without the homeowner having to do anything.
  3. The generator turns on and begins to generate power.
    • Again, this happens automatically without any action required on the homeowners part.
  4. The transfer switch switches the home from utility power to generator power.
  5. In less then 30 seconds, your home is back to running like normal as if the power had never gone out!

See a backup generator in action below:

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In less then 30 seconds, your home can be back to running like normal as if the power had never gone out!

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What fuel options are available?

A backup generator can run on Natural Gas or Propane. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one:

Natural Gas Propane
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Cheeper
  • Constant Supply delivered right to house
  • No storage tank required
  • Supply controlled by 3rd party
  • Not always available in every area
  • Supply in complete control  by homeowner
  • Can be safely stored
  • Usually more expensive
  • Requires refills to keep tank full
  • Requires a tank and safe place to be stored

The right fuel option varies for everyone. Our generator experts are trained to look at your situation and help you get the best option for your family and your home.

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What sizing options are available?

We are able to completely customize your generator solution to fit your needs. A backup generator can be big enough to power your entire house, or just the basic necessities. But why would anyone not want a generator that can cover the entire house?

The simple answer is that the more power the generator needs to cover, the more power it needs to produce. The more power a generator needs to produce, the bigger it needs to be and the more fuel it will require to keep generating power. This raises the cost of using a generator. Thus a whole house solution may not be feasible for some.

To get an idea of what is best for you, start by envisioning your home without power. What would you miss the most? What would be the most important to not lose?

The fridge, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and stove may be some of the basic necessities that you decide need to be covered by the backup generator. You may also decide on some specific rooms to be completely covered by a backup generator. To help prepare for a free in home estimate, think about what parts of your home you would like to have covered by your backup generator. During the proposal process, our generator experts will help you choose the right solution for your home!

A generator can cover the bare essentials, specific rooms, specific circuits, and even your entire house!

Whole House System:


  • Every outlet and appliance is covered
  • Home runs like normal without missing a single beat


  • Requires a bigger generator
  • Installation is more expensive
  • Requires more fuel LP or Natural Gas
  • Bigger fuel storage required

Part house system:


  • Cheaper install
  • Less fuel required during outages


  • Only chosen circuits and appliances are covered
  • Some parts of the house will not have electricity during an outage

We want you to have the right generator option that works best for your family. Our generator experts are trained and qualified to show you all options and help you decide on the best one for you!

Why do we use Generac Generators?

Generac has a strong reputation of reliability and is a trusted brand. Their Generators are some of the best in the business, meaning you can trust that during you’re time of need, it won’t let you down!

A few of the many features of a Generac Generator:

OHVI EngineGenerac OHVI® Engine
Purpose-built for generators to withstand extended run times

Designed to run continuously until utility power is restored.

Quiet operation during weekly exercise

True Power True Power™ Technology
Utility grade power that delivers the high quality electricity required to run sensitive electronics and appliances.

Tough, durable enclosures

Mobile Link Mobile Link™
Remote monitoring for added peace of mind
*optional add-on

DPM™ Technology
Intelligent power management allows for more coverage with a smaller generator

Evolution Controller• Evolution™ Controller
Smart, user-friendly controls




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