If the only cool air that you get is from an old window air conditioner, swamp cooler, or box fan, you can dramatically increase your comfort at home, and you might even save money on your energy bill! Even if you have no duct work, call us. Ductless heat pumps are a great way to cool your home, or even chill out a single room that may be giving you trouble.

A typical air conditioner can only maintain the temperature to plus or minus 2 degrees of the desired temperature. Now, there is a new technology that can dramatically improve home comfort. Trane’s new XV20i variable speed heat pump can adjust their operating speed by 1/10 of 1%!  Making small minute changes allow the heat pump and air conditioner to constantly run at the highest possible efficiency and maintain the temperature to 1/2 of a degree of the temperature set on the thermostat! Now that is comfort and efficiency! Not only can Trane’s XV20i variable speed heat pumps provide more comfortable air, they are some of the quietest, most efficient, and reliable heat pumps available today.
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With the Trane Comfort Link II, you can control your thermostat from anywhere with internet access on your laptop, tablet, or phone.
If you have an existing AC system, we can help it run longer and be more efficient through proper maintenance. Modern air conditioning systems are typically easier to maintain and service, but sometimes the complexity of keeping a system at peak efficiency requires professionals.
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