Plumbing Tips

If you own a home, then a sink will clog or a water pipe will break eventually. When you enjoy do-it-yourself home repair projects, it is essential to use a variety of safety precautions to avoid a serious injury. Here are some safety precautions that a plumber will use while working inside your home on broken plumbing devices.

Safety Precaution 1: Turn Off a Home’s Water At the Main Valve

When a pipe is broken or a toilet is overflowing, look for your home’s main water valve immediately. By turning off the water, you are protecting your home from the additional damages of moisture, but you are also keeping your home’s electrical wires dry. It is dangerous to have damp appliances in a work area while you are repairing a pipe or dislodging a clog from a toilet.

Safety Precaution 2: Make Sure a Home’s Floors Are Dry

An Idaho Falls plumber recommends mopping the water from a floor before entering a work area. It is easy to slip and fall on the wet tile in a bathroom or kitchen. In addition to drying the floor, wear slip-resistant shoes and have old towels to place on the wet tiles. If there is standing water from a broken pipe, then use a sump pump to remove the moisture.

Safety Precaution 3: Wear Protective Devices

Make sure to wear protective devices while working on broken kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Not only do you need to worry about contamination from filthy sewage, but also, you can experience an injury from flying pieces of metal. Keep goggles and gloves in your home’s toolbox to have the items required when you need to make a repair.

Safety Precaution 4: Use Caution Near Water Heaters and Garbage Disposals

When an Idaho Falls plumber is working near a garbage disposal or water heater, he is extremely cautious. Water heaters are attached to electrical wires or natural gas lines, making the appliances dangerous in some situations. If you are working on a garbage disposal, then it is important to remember that the device can turn on accidentally, and the sharp blades can cut your hands.

Safety Precaution 5: Don’t Use Corrosive Drain Chemicals

If you have a clog in a sink, then you might think that it is a good idea to buy a drain chemical at a hardware store. However, these products are dangerous because the acids can burn your skin. The drain cleaners remain in the water pipes for several days, and the liquids can splash upward.

Safety Precaution 6: Protect Your Feet While Making Repairs

A professional plumber will protect her feet while working on the heavy plumbing devices in a home. While you may not have specialized work boots, you probably have a sturdy pair of shoes that will protect your toes. In addition, it is a good idea to cover your arms and legs while making a repair in your home to avoid any cuts or bruises.